A Message from Brian

Dear Amherst Voter:

This year’s election for new leadership offers a timely opportunity to re‐establish the Town of Amherst as an economic engine, a destination for retail and cultural opportunities, and a tremendous place to live, work and play for years to come. It is time that we – together – take back control of the Town’s agenda, to create an environment of balanced redevelopment leading to both neighborhood beautification and economic prosperity.

Amherst faces increasing pressures from stagnating property values, poverty and even blight in some areas. We are forced to deal with new problems developing from an aging and neglected infrastructure. We have an antiquated zoning code that does not support the type of intelligent investment that our residents want. There was a time when Amherst was where people looked for solutions. Those days are, unfortunately, past.

But we can make Amherst the model again. How? We must begin to look to green infrastructure solutions. We must implement traffic-calming measures and inclusive design for roads and sidewalk networks. And we must embrace sustainable redevelopment practices to secure our future.

Having made community planning and civic architecture my career, and with a proven track record as a municipal executive, leading a resurgence in the Village of Williamsville, I can see – just as you can – where the opportunities are for the Town of Amherst. I ask that you join me in identifying those opportunities, and acting on them. With your support, as Supervisor, we can make Amherst the dynamic community it was meant to be.

This is an opportunity to establish a new path for the Town of Amherst and to protect the integrity of our community for years to come. It would be my honor and privilege to serve the community that my family calls home, and I look forward to taking forward-thinking concepts that have made Williamsville a nationally-recognized community, and bringing them to Amherst.

Let’s win together!

Mayor Brian Kulpa, AIA
Candidate for Amherst Town Supervisor